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Este libro ANNA de la editorial ANGLE esta escrito por el gran escritor NICCOLO AMMANITI , 2016 el cual contiene 288 paginas y trata sobre Novela contemporánea

Descripción del libro ANNA

Any 2020.

Towns and cities have been reduced to ruins.

Every adult on the planet has died of a lethal virus.

In children, on the other hand, viruses that reach the age of fourteen or five are dormant; they also become active and die.

L'Anna, who is ten years old, came back from Sicily to look for the adults who, by all accounts, have managed to survive malaltia.

In this odyssey the accompaniment of his germ petit Astor, a gos and Pietro, a child who also went in search of his cure.

You will face constant challenges in a world without law and order, where survival is the only goal.

With the help of a quadern entitled "Les coses importants" (The important things), which Anna is going to leave her just before she dies.consecrated as the most important literary figure of her generation, Ammaniti recreates in a new way the transition from adolescence to the adult world - like Jo no tinc por o Tu i jo- with a deep and epic story.

The author has an immense talent for rhythm and detail.

A strong and iridescent prose, incredibly cinematic."

Los Angeles Times

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