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Este libro ARROSSOS de la editorial COSSETANIA esta escrito por el gran escritor QUIM MARQUES , 2017 el cual contiene 144 paginas y trata sobre Cocina

  • Editorial COSSETANIA
  • Autor QUIM MARQUES , 2017
  • Categoria Cocina
  • ISBN 9788490345726
  • Paginas 144

Descripción del libro ARROSSOS

Saps on va néixer l'arròs?

How did you link tea with Alexandre the Great?

What arrived in the Mediterranean and how has our land evolved?

What will terrify the American continent?

How have I been able to serve different civilizations?

Which varieties are there?

What social, cultural and culinary background do you have?

In this book, a whole Bible of the arrosos, finds the answers, as well as a quarantine of recipients that are made in Catalonia, some ceded by xefs of renown, with a small tribute to the Valencian paella.

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