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Este libro CHESS FOR LIFE de la editorial GAMBIT PUBLICATIONS esta escrito por el gran escritor MATTHEW SADLER; NATASHA REGAN , 2016 el cual contiene 224 paginas y trata sobre Deportes y juegos

  • Categoria Deportes y juegos
  • ISBN 9781910093832
  • Paginas 224

Descripción del libro CHESS FOR LIFE

In this thought-provoking, wide-ranging and often inspiring book, the authors examine how chess style and skills vary with age.

Conventional wisdom is that more experience should make up for the loss of youthful energy, but with so much of the world's elite now in their twenties, chess is becoming more and more like a young man's game.

By conducting a series of case studies and interviewing players who have remained strong from their forties, fifties and up, the authors show in detail how players can direct their games to positions where their experience can shine.

Interviewees include:

GM John Nunn

GM Yasser Seirawan

GM Nigel Short

GM Judit Polgar

GM Keith Arkell

Pia Cramling, from GM

FM Terry Chapman

GM Jon Speelman

GM Sergei Tiviakov

WIM Ingrid Lauterbach

By examining so many aspects of chess, the authors have written a work that ends up transcending its subject matter, and becomes a text about how and why we love chess, the means by which we can play successfully whatever our age and level of play, and how chess is really a game for life.


Personas que descargaron el libro MATTHEW SADLER; NATASHA REGAN , 2016