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Este libro GERVASIUS de la editorial GREGAL esta escrito por el gran escritor JOSEP BRUGADA , 2016 el cual contiene 362 paginas y trata sobre Narrativa histórica

Descripción del libro GERVASIUS

The novel-la is a documented account of the journey of fra Francesc Eiximenis to the English city of Oxford, a review of the daily life of the 14th century.

Girona, 1350.

Gervasius is the historical pseudonym of Francesc Eiximenis, a young man from a benevolent family from Girona who was forced into the convent of the friars of the city by his parents because he was left a choral father and a mare.

At the end of the time, the Gervasius novitiate was sent to England, to the convent of the minors of St. Ebbes, to the university town of Oxford, accompanied by two German Franciscans.

The journey by land from Rosselló, Provence, the Regne de França, Lestret between Calais and Dover, Canterbury and London.

During the two months of the journey on foot, the three monks live an ordeal of vicissitudes and discover how it is

daily life to towns and cities in the 14th century.

On the paths of Provence in Sojornen, you can see the controversies of the Scatars and the image of the Franciscan friars is not always easy to see.

Gervasius, Francesc Eiximenis, died on April 23rd at 1409th Street. He did not make a will and he had the episcopal tears of the bishop of Elna al Rosselló.


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