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Este libro MEMOIRS OF A DIPPER de la editorial DK esta escrito por el gran escritor NELL LEYSHON , 2016 el cual contiene 320 paginas y trata sobre Literatura

  • Editorial DK
  • Autor NELL LEYSHON , 2016
  • Categoria Literatura
  • ISBN 9780241971451
  • Paginas 320

Descripción del libro MEMOIRS OF A DIPPER

There are different ways to do this:

I can slowly approach them step by step, or I can do it in one move and bump into them.

The easiest way is in a pub, so I can put my drink too close to theirs.

Move my stool near theirs.

"Anything to cross the line.

Gary is a thief, a thief, a thief, a thief.

He's still in high school when his father takes him out for the first time to steal, and he proves to be a quick learner: not much more than a child the first time he's caught, he's a career criminal as soon as he gets out again.

But Gary is also fiercely intelligent - he often knows more about the antique furniture he steals than the people who own it, and he trusts his ability to cheat his way out of any situation, always one step ahead.

But all that changes when he falls in love with Mandy....

Resumen del autor y escritor NELL LEYSHON , 2016

Nascuda a Glastonbury (Anglaterra) el 1962, es novel-lista i dramaturga, y ha refutado nombrosos premisa.

La primera novela-la seva, Black Dirt (2004), debería ser nominada para el Premio Naranja de Ficción y va ser finalista del Premio del Libro de la Commonwealth.

Habitualmente alterna prosa, teatros y guiones para ràdio.


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