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Este libro SKY KEY: ENDGAME 2 de la editorial HARPERCOLLINS PUB. esta escrito por el gran escritor JAMES FREY; NILS JOHNSON-SHELTON , 2016 el cual contiene 488 paginas y trata sobre Juvenil

  • Categoria Juvenil
  • ISBN 9780007586455
  • Paginas 488

Descripción del libro SKY KEY: ENDGAME 2

The sequel to the New York Times bestseller and international multimedia phenomenon, Endgame:

The Call.

The endgame is here.

The Earth Key has been found.

Two keys and nine players left.

The keys must be found, and only one player can win.

Queens, New York.

Aisling Kopp believes the unthinkable: that the Endgame can be stopped.

But before she can go home to regroup, she's approached by the CIA.

They know about Endgame.

And they have their own ideas about how to play.

Ideas that could change everything.

Kingdom of Aksum, Ethiopia.

Hilal ibn Isa al-Salt narrowly survived an attack that left him terribly disfigured.

Now he knows something the other Players don't.

But the Aksumites have a secret that is unique in its line.

A secret that can help redeem humanity and perhaps even be used to help defeat the beings behind Endgame.

London, England.

Sarah Alopay found the first key.

She's with Jago and they're winning.

But getting the Earth Key has cost Sarah a lot of money.

The only thing that keeps the demons in line is playing games.

Playing to win.

Sky Key, whoever, whatever, is next.

And the remaining nine Players will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Resumen del autor y escritor JAMES FREY; NILS JOHNSON-SHELTON , 2016

James Frey, a quien Esquire llamó "el escritor más importante de Estados Unidos", y The Guardian, "el escritor más grande de su generación", han hecho sus novelas para adultos (In Thousand Pieces, The Last Will and A Bright Morning) No. 1 en la lista de éxitos de librería del New York Times, publicada en 42 idiomas y 118 países.

Su incursión en la literatura juvenil, I Am Number Four, también fue un bestseller y se adaptó a la gran pantalla.

Actualmente dirige Full Fathom Five, una empresa dedicada a la creación de proyectos multimedia, de la que nació Endgame, co-escrita con Nils-Johnson-Shelton.

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