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Este libro THE APPRENTICE (RIZZOLI & ISLES NOVELS 2) de la editorial USA PENGUIN PRESS esta escrito por el gran escritor TESS GERRITSEN , 2016 el cual contiene 474 paginas y trata sobre Literatura

  • Autor TESS GERRITSEN , 2016
  • Categoria Literatura
  • ISBN 9781101887400
  • Paginas 474


The best-selling author of The Surgeon returns and so does that creepy devilish villain in the novel.

Though held behind bars, Warren Hoyt still pursues a defenseless city, seeming to bequeath his evil legacy to an overly diligent student.

. and too deadly.

It's a hot summer in Boston.

Added to the city's ills are a series of appalling crimes, in which rich men are forced to watch while their wives are mistreated.

A sadistic claim that ends in kidnapping and death.

The pattern suggests one man: serial killer Warren Hoyt, recently removed from the city streets.

The police can only assume that an acolyte is at large, a maniac who bases his attacks on the twisted medical techniques of the madman he so admires.

At least that's what Detective Jane Rizzoli thinks.

Forced again to face the murderer who scarred her literally and figuratively, she is determined to put an end to Hoyt's terrible influence...

even if it means getting more resistance from his male homicide squad.

But Rizzoli doesn't have the sudden interest of the U.S. government.

Or meeting Special Agent Gabriel Dean, who knows more than he'll ever say.

Above all, she does not expect to become a target herself, once Hoyt is suddenly free, joining her mysterious blood brother in a vicious vendetta.

. .

Filled with superbly created characters and details of the medical and police procedure that are his trademark The Apprentice is Tess Gerritsen at her best.

Set in an impressive world where evil is easy to learn and difficult to end, this is a thriller by a master who could teach other authors a thing or two.

From the hardcover edition."

Resumen del autor y escritor TESS GERRITSEN , 2016

Tess Gerritsen llegó a la literatura de una manera inusual.

Después de graduarse de la Universidad de Stanford, comenzó sus estudios en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de California.

Durante la licencia de maternidad, cuando ya practicaba medicina familiar, empezó a escribir ficción.

Sus libros han sido publicados en cuarenta países y se han vendido más de treinta millones de ejemplares en todo el mundo.

Tess ha sido galardonada con el premio Nero Wolfe (por Vanish) y el premio Rita (por The Surgeon).

"Publisher Weekly" la ha apodado "la reina del suspenso médico".

Sus novelas protagonizadas por la inspectora de homicidios Jane Rizzoli y el inspector forense Maura Isles han inspirado la serie de televisión Rizzoli&Isles, protagonizada por Angie Harmon y Sasha Alexander.

Ahora retirado de la medicina, Gerritsen se dedica exclusivamente a la escritura.

Vive en Maine.


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