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Este libro THE EXILE (VENGEANCE OF MEMORY 2) de la editorial HEAD OF ZEUS esta escrito por el gran escritor MARK OLDFIELD , 2016 el cual contiene 496 paginas y trata sobre Literatura

  • Editorial HEAD OF ZEUS
  • Autor MARK OLDFIELD , 2016
  • Categoria Literatura
  • ISBN 9781781851531
  • Paginas 496

Descripción del libro THE EXILE (VENGEANCE OF MEMORY 2)


Commander Guzman is unfavorable and in exile.

Franco's former favourite secret police officer has been stationed in the Basque Country, a desolate haven - in his eyes - of simmering nationalism, improbable alliances and ancient vendettas.

Guzman was the last one to be here during the war, at the head of a squad of bloodthirsty irregular Moriscos.

Personally, he would rather forget all that - but in the hills, he will discover that he has not been forgotten at all.

2010, Madrid:

Forensic investigator Ana María Galíndez has been sent to the Basque Country where, sealed in the basement of a ruined building, there are three skeletons, each tied to a chair, each of them savagely cut to death.

In the rubble that surrounds them, a scimitar, stamped with a name: Captain Leopoldo Guzmán.

Guzmán is the key to unlocking Spain's darkest secrets.

Guzman's name, you'll find, is a death sentence.


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