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Libro del gran escritor LEE NORDING , 2014 autor de 32 paginas completamente en español y traducidas a diferentes idiomas de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora GRAPHIC UNIVERSE sobre el genero Cómics infantil y juvenil titulado BIRDCATDOG, disponible en varios formatos como epub o PDF listos para leer. 9781467745239

Sinopsis y resumen del libro BIRDCATDOG

Look out! Look out!

A bird escapes from its cage and flies out the window.

A cat that takes a nap wakes up hungry and tries to have a snack.

A dog stands guard in his backyard, ready to bark at anything that comes near him.

Follow the stories of three animals on a wild afternoon.

In this clever comic without words, each animal is a hero in its own story and all three stories are connected.

Lee Nordling's simple storytelling appeals to young readers and provides a gateway to understanding multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

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