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Libro del gran escritor PHILIP PULLMAN , 2015 autor de 368 paginas completamente en español y traducidas a diferentes idiomas de la mano de la editorial y distribuidora SCHOLASTIC INC. sobre el genero Infantil titulado THE SUBTLE KNIFE (HIS DARK MATERIALS II), disponible en varios formatos como epub o PDF listos para leer. 9781407154183

  • Categoria Infantil
  • Autor PHILIP PULLMAN , 2015
  • Editorial SCHOLASTIC INC.
  • Paginas 368
  • ISBN 9781407154183

Sinopsis y resumen del libro THE SUBTLE KNIFE (HIS DARK MATERIALS II)

Will is 12 years old, and he just killed a man.

Now he's on the run, determined to find out the truth about his missing father.

But as he runs through the streets of Oxford, desperately seeking a sanctuary, he enters through a window into another world.

Cittagazze is a strange and disturbing place, where the deadly soul-eating spectres roam the streets of the city, and the beats of distant angels sound against the sky.

Soon Will finds a companion: a strange and wild girl named Lyra who is looking for something called Dust.

But she and Will didn't meet by accident.

Their paths will take them to the creepy Torre degli Angeli, where they must find a powerful and secret object that people from many worlds would kill to possess.....

Biografia del autor PHILIP PULLMAN , 2015

Philip Pullman (Inglaterra, 1946) Fue profesor durante muchos años antes de dedicarse a la escritura.

Ha ganado numerosos premios y su aclamada trilogía La materia oscura fue traducida a más de treinta idiomas y adaptada para el Teatro Nacional.

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